Don Moen – I Worship You Almighty God chords

..::I Worship You Almighty God By Don Moen::..

..::Verse 1::..

G EmI worship You, Almighty God
C9 DThere is none like You
G EmI worship You, O Prince of Peace
C9 Am Dsus DThat is what I long to do
C9 G EmI give You praise
Am7 Dsus DFor You are my righteousness
G EmI worship You, almighty God
C9 D GThere is none like You
..::Verse 2::..
G EmI come into your courts with praise
Am7 Dsus DI bow before Your throne
G EmYour presence here gives me peace within
Am7 Dsus DAnd joy I've never known
G EmLord I give to You my heart and soul
C9 Am7 Dsus DMay it bring you pleasure Lord
G EmThere's no higher call than to worship You
C9 D G DFor You alone are God
..::Repeat Verse 1::..
C9 D G D/F# EmThere is none like You...
Am7 Dsus GThere is none like You...
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