Don Moen – God Will Make A Way chords

F Csus4 CGod will make a way
Bb Csus4 CWhere there seems to be no way
Bb FHe works in ways we cannot see
Gm7 Csus4 C He will make a way for me
F Csus4 C He will be my guide
Bb Csus4 C Hold me closely to His side
Bb BdimWith love and strength for each new day
Gm Csus4 C He will make a way
Bb FHe will make a way
C# EbBy a roadway in the wilderness
Ab Absus4He'll lead me
C# Eb Fsus4-FAnd rivers in the desert will I see
Bb CHeaven and earth will fade
Am A7 Dm CBut His word will still remain
Bb C Asus4 AHe will do something new today.
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