Don Moen – One Day chords

Verse 1

A E More than I could hope or dream of
F#m DYou have put your favour on me
A E One Day in the house of God is
G D EBetter than a thousand days in the world.
Dmaj7 E C#m F#mSo blessed I can't contain it
Dmaj7 E C#m F#mSo much I've got to give it away
Dmaj7 E C#m F#mYour love has taught me to live now
G D EYou are more than enough for me.
Verse 1 Chorus (x2) Intro to bridge Bridge
A Asus A AsusLord, You're more than enough for me (x4)
Play intro 2 Lord, You're more than enough for me (x4)
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