Don Moen - We Give You Glory tab

We Give You Glory

Verse: 1
	F		C
We're here to bless your name 
Bb		F,C
Gathered as your family 
	F	C
to praise you and proclaim
Bb		F,C-C7
Your faithfulness and mercy 

	      F - Bb
We give you glory 
	      F - Bb
we give you honor 
	      Am 		 Dm7
we give you everything we are 
Lifting our hearts 
	C,C7		F
and hands before you (2x) Lord.

(same chords on the 1st verse)
We're here to seek your face 
To gather in your presence 
To celebrate your grace 
To praise you for your mercies 
(Repeat chorus)

	C	Bb	      C
There is no other reason why we came 
	Bb	F
Than to glorify your name 
	Dm	Bb	C
For you are worthy to be praise 
 	Bb	C
Now we offer up our lives 
           Bb		F
As a willing sacrifice 
	Dm	Bb	C-C7
Holy acceptable to you
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