Don Williams - Come Early Morning chords

Come Early Morning 
  by Don Williams  written by Bob McDill
C F CI've been a walking walking in the moonlight
G7Tripping in the starlight Lord and I'm feeling down
C F CWalking in the shadows sneaking down the side road
G7 CCome early morning I'll be there at the edge of town
F CI was a-thinking thinking bout a good thing
G7Thinking bout a sweet gleam Mmm in my honey's eyes
C F CAnd I was a-sinking feeling kind of lonesome
G7 CBut come early morning I'll be home at my honey's side
F CI have drifted up across the mountain
G7And I have stumbled down the other side
C F CAnd I've been tempted tried and troubled
G7 CCome early morning I'll be home and satisfied
F CShe give me a little loving give me a little sunshine
G7Make me have a good time Lord when I'm feeling blue
C F CI couldn't refuse her well I couldn't misuse her
G7 CCome early morning I'll be home with my honeydew
Repeat #3
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