Don Williams – It Must Be Love tab

Title: It Must Be Love
Artist: Alan Jackson
Writer: Don Williams
Album: Under the Influence
Transcriber: Scott Duvall

Alan Jackson
It Must Be Love
Intro tabbed by Scott Duvall
thanks to Kevin Ross for the rhythm parts


I found out that the intro sounds good when playing along with the CD with no capo on. You may need to capo the neck at the 2nd or 4th to get whatever effect you desire, but no capo should sound alright too. Alan plays with a capo on the 4th fret. D First I get cold then hot G Think I'm on fire, but I'm not D Oh what a pain I've got A D It must be love There's nothin' I can do All that I want is you Look what I'm goin' through It must be love CHORUS: D G D It must be love, it must be love G D A D I fall like a sparrow and fly like a dove D G D You must be the dream I've been dreaming of G D A D Oh what a feeling, it must be love Something is wrong, alright I think of you all night Can't sleep till mornin' light It must be love Seein' you in my dreams Feelin'' you close to me Oh what else can it be? It must be love CHORUS INSTRUMENTAL (CHORUS CHORDS) CHORUS (INSTRUMENTS OUT) CHORUS TO END (with instruments)
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