Donald Fagen - Security Joan tab

Security Joan

eb4   e    f   f3
Eb11  E11  F11

eb4   e    f   f3
Eb11  E11  F11

eb4   e    f   f3
Eb11  E11  F11

                  Well I guess I needed a miracle 

                               g4  g   f
                              Cm7/Bb   Bb7(no3)
If I was gonna make my flight    

I had to get to Gate C13

And it was still way out of sight 
But something in my carry-on bag 

Ticked off the X-ray machine 

Cause then an angel straight from heave 

Asked me to step behind the screen 

When I felt her wand sweep over me 

You know I never felt so clean 

               Bb7(no3)          Em9
Girl you won't find my name on a list

A9        Ab13-5          Gm7        C7
Honey you know I ain't no terrorist 

       Eb6              D7
Confis cate my shoes-my cell phone 

           Ebmaj9  Asus4/F#   C/E
You know I love-   love-      love you 

   f       Eb7    Bb7
Se curity Joan 

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