Donavon Frankenreiter – Free Live tab

			     SONG NAME - Free "Live"
Tabbed by: Live version of Donavon
transcribed by: JG

(Listen to song for strum pattern)

Intro -- x2
Verse #1 -- x2
Chorus #1 -- x4
Verse #2 -- x2
Chorus #2 -- x4
Bridge -- x1
Verse #3 -- x2
Chorus #3 -- x8
End with Chorus

Intro: G Em C De|--12------7-------8-------10----|B|--12------8-------8-------10----|G|--12------9-------9-------11----|D|--12------9------10-------12----|A|--10------7------10-------12----|E|--x-------x-------8-------10----|
Verse #1-3: G Em C Ame|--3-------0-------0-------1-----|B|--0-------0-------1-------2-----|G|--0-------0-------0-------2-----|D|--0-------2-------2-------0-----|A|--2-------2-------3-------0-----|E|--3-------x-------x-------x-----|
Chorus #1-3: G Em Ce|--3-------1-------0------|B|--3-------1-------1------|G|--4-------2-------0------|D|--5-------3-------2------|A|--5-------3-------3------|E|--3-------1-------x------|
Bridge:There's something....(1st) G Em C ?e|--3-------0-------0-------x----|B|--0-------0-------1-------3----|G|--0-------0-------0-------2----|D|--0-------2-------2-------0----|A|--2-------2-------3-------0----|E|--3-------x-------x-------x----|
There's something....(2nd) G Em C ? ? Ae|--3-------0-------0-------x-------x-------0-----|B|--0-------0-------1-------3-------1-------2-----|G|--0-------0-------0-------2-------0-------2-----|D|--0-------2-------2-------0-------0-------2-----|A|--2-------2-------3-------0-------2-------0-----|E|--3-------x-------x-------x-------3-------x-----|
Verse #1: We could let this love be the fading sky We could drift all night until the new sun rise Pass me a drink or maybe two One for me and one for you And we'll be
Chorus #1:F-|ree-e-e-e-e, Free-e-e-e-eF-|ree-e-e-e-e, Free-e-e-e-e
Verse #2: Here comes corner winds and the changing' tide We better drop them sails and get inside When will the weather ever let us go I guess we'll have to wait until the trade winds blow When we'll be
Chorus #2:F-|ree-e-e-e-e, Free-e-e-e-eF-|ree-e-e-e-e, Free-e-e-e-e
Bridge: There's nothing in between What we are, what we see There's nothing in between What we are, what we see, what we are We are just Verse #3: On a life boat sailing' home With our drunken hearts and our tired bones Well I just take one last look around Yeah an' every place feels like a familiar town And now we're Chorus #3: Free-e-e-e-e, Free-e-e-e-e And don't you wanna be Free-e-e-e-e From time to time a little Free-e-e-e-e Hey now now Free-e-e-e-e I know you know your Free-e-e-e-e Feels so good to be Free-e-e-e-e mmmmhhhmmmmhhhhmmm Free-e-e-e-e Like I said, this is from a recent live version of Donavon Frankenreiter. corrections/comments?
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