Donavon Frankenreiter - Keeping Me Away From You chords version 1

G D Em C G DI know, when you're down and out but you don't show it. From a million miles
C D Em C G Daway, you never know why i can't stay but it's been so long yea it's been so
C Dwrong yea and the one thing i remember the most are those things you say and
G DGood times bad times up again down again aw it feels like i just lost a
Em Cfriend. you give i take sorry for life's mistakes, and keepin' me away from
-----REPEAT----- G D Em C 2nd verse G D Em C G D C D Em C G D C D and shine on love 'cause when you do we can sail on through. anything that comes our way anything that keeps me away from these sad songs yea' i keep moving on yea and baby when the night falls hard i'll comfort you through through the ----chorus----
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