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Donna Lewis – I Love You Always Forever tab

I Love You Always Forever
by Donna Lewis

C         Em                   F             Bb
Feels like, I'm standing in a timeless dream
   C          Em             F     Bb
Of light mists, of pale amber rose 
C         Em               F             Bb
Feels like, I'm lost in a deep cloud of heavenly scent
A       G             F
Touching, discovering you. 

C    F/C    C    F/C

C         Em                   F               Bb
Those days, of warm rains come rushing back to me 
          C      Em              F   Bb
Miles of windless, summer night air 
       C      Em               F           Bb
Secret moments, shared in the heat of the afternoon 
             C      Em             F    Bb
Out of the stillness, soft spoken words 
(say it, say it again)

I love you always forever 
near and far closer together 
everywhere I will be with you 
everything I will do for you 
(repeat Chorus) 

C        Em              F                     Bb
You've got the most unbelievable blue eyes I've ever seen 
C        Em           F        Bb
You've got me almost melt away 
      C       Em      F              Bb
As we lay there under blue sky with pure white stars 
         C     Em          F    Bb
exotic sweetness a magical time 
(say it, say it again)

(repeat Chorus twice) 

Say you'll love love me forever 
never stop not for whatever 
near and far and always 
          F              Bb 
and everywhere and everything 
(repeat Bridge 4 times) 

(repeat Chorus till fade)
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