Donnas – Take It Off tab

Take it Off by The Donnas

Standard tuning (eadgbe)

Bm = x24432
C#m = x46654
D = xx0232
A = x02220
G = 320003
A* = x02230
F# = 244322

Intro (x 4)
Bm C#m Bm D A	        	
Bm C#m Bm G A A* A 

Bm             	   D A          
I’m on my second drink
Bm		  G A A* A
But I’ve had a few before
Bm 		D A
I’m trying hard to think
Bm                              	G         A
And I think that I want you on the floor
Uh-huh, yeah on the floor

	    Bm		       D A 
Go on and take it off (take it off)
                  E			G A
You got to shake it off baby for me
	         Bm		           D A
Come on and break me off (break me off)
	E		      G              A
Cause I get what I want and I like what I see

Intro (x 1)

Need your love-one, two, three
Stop starin’ at my d-cup
Don’t waste time just give it to me
C'mon baby just feel me up
C'mon, just give it up



B A B A B A B A (<--i play as bar chords on the 7th fret for B and 5th fret for A)

(Picking only strings 4, 5 & 6 – use G shape but move down to 5th and 7th frets.)
G           A			B
	Forget the application
G	    A              	  B
You’re the right guy for the task
G	     A		B
And let me take you on vacation
G               A                             F# (<--Strum)
Just do it, you don't have to ask

Chorus (x 2)

Take it off
Take it off baby for me
Take it off
Take it off baby for me

the end.

this is my first tab so sorry if it isnt very good. tell me what you think.
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