Donovan Leitch – Epistle To Derroll tab

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Date: Wed, 27 Dec 1995 08:24:23 -0800 (PST)
From: "Carl Gigun"  
Subject: TAB: Epistle To Derroll by Donovan

Epistle to Derroll, by Donovan

from (Carl Gigun)

I found this album, RFor Little OnesS, in a box of old
forgotten records my parents bought before I was born.
This is my MomUs favourite song from the album, but the
whole thing is full of songs for single acoustic guitar
and voice. (a few have parts for friends with flutes
or harmonicas too.) All the songs are pretty easy to
play and are in the same Rpoetic hippieS style as this one.
This is the only one IUve tabbed, but if anyone asks
IUll gladly tab the rest.

Musically, this song is pretty simple. ItUs in E major,
4/4 timing, and uses only three chords. (E,A,C# minor)
The same bass strum/alternating thumb pattern is used
throughout. Count it as 1 2 3&4&. The only change in the
pattern comes in measures 2 and 3 of part 2. In measure two
the second thumb strike is a hammer-on, so youUll have to
count it as 1 2 3&&4&, and measure three has no eighth
notes at all.
Enough of me rambling hereUs the two main parts:


EE |-----0-----------|-----0-----------|B |-----0-----0---0-|-----0-----0---0-|G |-----1-------1---|-----1-------1---|D |-2---------------|-2---------------|A |---------2-------|---------2-------|E |-----------------|-----------------| ^ ` ^ ` ^ ` ^ ` ^ ` ^ ` ^ ` ^ `
A EE |-----0-----------|-----0-----------||B |-----2-----2---2-|-----0-----0---0-||G |-----2-------2---|-----1-------1---||D |-2---------------|-2---------------||A |---------0-------|---------2-------||E |-----------------|-----------------|| ^ ` ^ ` ^ ` ^ ` ^ ` ^ ` ^ ` ^ `
E C# minorE |-----0-----------|-----4------------|B |-----0-----0---0-|-----5------5---5-|G |-----1-------1---|-----6--------6---|D |-2---------------|---------4h6------|A |---------2-------|-4----------------|E |-----------------|------------------| ^ ` ^ ` ^ ` ^ ` ^ ` ^ ` ^* ` ^ ` *sixteenth note hammer-on
C# minor AE |-----4-----------|-----0-----------||B |-----5-----------|-----2-----2---2-||G |-----6-----------|-----2-------2---||D |-----------------|---------2-------||A |-4-------4---2---|-0---------------||E |-----------------|-----------------|| ^ ` ^ ` ^ ` ^ ` ^ ` ^ ` ^ ` ^ `
Donovan plays part 1 without the A chord, just four measures of E, as an intro and then in between every verse. Each verse is four lines long, using part 1 for the first three lines and part 2 for the last one. HereUs the lyrics, just in case: -------------------------------- Come all Tye starry starfish, living in the deep blue sea Crawl to me I have, a proposition to make thee Would you walk the north sea floor, to Belgium from England Bring me word of the banjo man, with the tattoo on his hand The spokesman of the starfish, spoke as spokesmen should If in you met our fee, then certainly we would Should you cast a looking glass, upon the scalloped sand YouUll have word of this banjo man, with the tattoo on his hand Oh come you starry starfish, I know your ways are caved Maybe itUs because you are, astrologically shaped Converse with the herring shoals, as I know you can Bring me word of the banjo man, with the tattoo on his hand The eldest of the starfish, spoke after a sigh youthful as you are young man, you have a wisdom high surely you must know, a looking glass is made from sand these young fish are fooling you, about your banjo man Oh come now aged starfish, riddle me no more For news I am weary, an my heart is sore All on the silent sea shore, help me if you can Tell to me if you know, of the banjo man Now all through the seven oceans, I am a star most famed Many leg-ees have I lost, and many I have gained Strange to say quite recently, I have been to Flemish land and if you are courteous, IUll tell you all I can Oh you have my full attention, I answered him with glee His brother starts were twinkling, in the sky above the sea There I sat there with rapt, attention on the sand very anxious for to hear, of the banjo man I have seen the tattooed hand, through a ship porthole Steaming on the watery main, through the waves so cold heard his tinkling banjo, and his voice so grand But you must come to Belgium to shake the tattooed hand Oh gladly I would come, gladly I would go Had I not my work to do, and my face to show But I rejoice to hear heUs well, but I must go inland Thank you for the words you brought, of the banjo man I walked along the evening sand, as charcoal clouds did shift Revealing the moon shining, on the pebble drift contemplating every other, word the starfish said Wispy winds they filled my dreams, in my dreaming bed. ---------------- ThatUs it. Enjoy! Carl Gigun Happy Citizen of Humanity ph: (604)467-5046 :-)
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