Donovan – The War Drags On chords

The War Drags On
Donovan Leitch
Tabbed by Matthew Choat (

I created this tab because the version that's out there is incomplete and wrong in some 
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Legend: \ = slide down, / = slide up, x = mute string, d = strum down, u = strum up, * = 
Barre chord
E7: 020100
Em7: 022030
Em6: 022020
D/E*: 0577x5
D/C#: x477xx

Intro:Rhythm = 3/4 (waltz) d d u d u d d u d u d d u d u d d d u d ue:-0---7-7-7-7---0---5-5-5-5---0---3-3-3-3--3---0--0-0-0-0-----||B:-0---x-x-x-x---0---x-x-x-x---0---x-x-x-x--x---0--0-0-0-0-----||G:-1-\-9-9-9-9-/-1-\-7-7-7-7-/-1-\-5-5-5-5--5-/-1--1-1-1-1---o-||D:-2-\-9-9-9-9-/-2-\-7-7-7-7-/-2-\-5-5-5-5--5-/-2--2-2-2-2---o-||A:-2---7-7-7-7---2---5-5-5-5---2---3-3-3-3--3---2--2-2-2-2-----||E:-0---0---------0-------------0----------------0--0-----------||
E E* E D E C E ***************************************************************************** To slide down into the barre chord shapes for the intro: 1. Make the open E-major shape with your index (pointer, first) finger on the G string. 2. Strum once, then release your index finger from the G string as you begin to slide down 3. As you are sliding down, place your pinky (fourth) finger on the G string and your index finger on the A string. Your ring finger (third) should remain on the D string for the open chord and the entire slide. ***************************************************************************** Verse 1:
E E7 A ELet me tell you the story of a soldier named Dan
E E7 A EWent out to fight the good fight in South Vietnam
E E7 A EWent out to fight for peace, liberty and all
D/E* D/C# EWent out to fight for equality, Hope, let’s go
Em7 Em6 EAnd the wa----------r drags on
Verse 2: (same progression as verse 1) Found himself involved in a sea of blood and bones millions without faces--without hope and without homes and the guns they grew louder as they made dust out of bones that the flesh had long since left just as the people left their homes ::Repeat Chorus:: Verse 3: They’re just there to make the people free but the way that they’re doing it, it don’t seem like that to me just more blood letting and misery and tears that this poor country’s known for the last twenty years ::Repeat Chorus:: Verse 4: Last night young Dan had a nightmare it seems one that kept occurring and reoccurring in his dreams cities full of people running screaming and shouting loud and right overhead was a great orange mushroom cloud Bridge:
D/E* D/C# Eand there’s no---------- more war
cause there’s no more world and my tears come screaming down yes I like crying on------ the ground ::Repeat Intro and fade with harmonica::
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