Donovan – Brother Sun Sister Moon chords ver. 2

From the soundtrack to the movie about the life of St. Francis of Assisi:

D F#m G DBrother Sun, and Sister Moon
G D A DI seldom see you, seldom hear your tune:
Bm F#m G A DPreoccupied with selfish misery.
Brother Wind, and Sister Air Open my eyes to visions pure and fair: That I might see the glory around me.
G F#mI am God's creature,
G DOf him I am part.
G DI feel his love
G Asus4 AAwakening my heart.
Brother Sun, and Sister Moon I now do see you, I can hear your tune: So much in love with all that I survey. I am God's creature, Of him I am part. I feel his love Awakening my heart. ------ I grabbed the another version that is on ugo and put the right chords.
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