Donovan - Ballad Of Geraldine tab

The Ballad of Geraldine
From the Album Fairytale

Capo on 2nd Fret;

Rough example of fingerpicking for chords:

A A* A/G# e:|------------| |---------------| |-------------|B:|---2---2----| |----2---2------| |---0---0-----|G:|---2------2-| |----2-----2----| |---2------2--|D:|---------2--| |--0---0-----0--| |---------2---|A:|-0---0------| |---------------| |-------------|E:|------------| |---------------| |-4---4-------|
Intro: A / A* (etc) A A* A/G# A A* A A* Oh, I was born with the name Geraldine (A*) A A* A A* A A* With hair coal black as a raven. A A* A/G# A A* A A* I travelled my life without a care, (A*) A A/G# A A* A A*... Ah, but all my love I was savin'.
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