Donovan – This Lovely Day tab

This lovely day

By Donovan

From the soundtrack from the motion picture “Brother Sun Sister Moon” (It was just 
for download on I-Tunes. Check it out if you are a Donovan fan)
Tabbed by Matthew C. (

This Song uses a specific picking/finger-picking pattern. Try to use bass strings as 
as the high ones. And hammer-ons are your friend just the same as his other acoustic songs.

Capo 3

Intro:E-|-----------------------------1--------------------------|B-|----1----1----1----------------1-1-1--------------------|G-|---0----0----2-2-2----------2---2-2---------------------|D-|--2----0----2---2-2--------3----------------------------|A-|-3----2----0--------------------------------------------|E-|--------------------------1-----------------------------| Birds are singing, Sweet and low
E-|----3-----------------------0-----------1--------|B-|---3-3------------1----1---1-1-1----------1------|G-|--4---4----------0----0---2---2------2-----2-----|D-|-5--------------2----2---2------------3-3---3----|A-|---------------3----2---0--------------3-3-------|E-|3-----------------------------------1------------| From the trees that Gently grow By the silver Rivers flow
E-|--------------------0------------------|B-|------------1---1----1-----------------|G-|---0-------0---0----2-2-2--------------|D-|--0-0-0---2---0----2---2-2-------------|A-|-2---2---3---2----0--------------------|E-|3--------------------------------------| On this lovely day To the meadow…
Intro: C B/C Am Verse: Am Birds are singing F Sweet and low G C B/C Am From the trees that gently grow Am F By the silver rivers flow G C B/C Am On this lovely day Am To the meadow F There go I G C B/C Am To wander as the butterfly Am F How the flowers please my eye G C B/C Am On this lovely day F G F G C I wish it could be always F G F G C B/C Am Life is easy on such a day Am F I wish this peace on everyone G C B/C Am On this lovely day
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