Doobie Brothers - Mamaloi tab

                           Doobie Brothers


INTRO:/=slide up \=slide down h=hammer p=pull off 

D G D D--------------------|--------------------|--------------------|-3--10--8p7---------|--------8p7---------|-3--10--8p7---------|-------------9p7----|-4--6--------9p7----|-------------9p7----|------------------7-|-5--7-------------7-|------------------7-|-5--12--------------|--------------------|-5--12--------------|--------------------|--------------------|--------------------|
G A/G D---------------------------10---| A/G= 0-----3--------5----------7------| 2---4--------6----------7--------| 0-5--------7----------7----------| 2-------------------9------------| 0--------------------------------| x
1st VERSE: D Laid back, sittin' in the sunshine G D Hot wind, drink a little rum wine D Straw hat, down upon my eyes, G A/G D Watchin' the world go by. D Music, it start my toes a tappin', G D Drum beat, it set my hands a clappin', D Rum wine, it get my head a spinnin', G A/G D turnin' around and around. CHORUS: G D Carribean current please take me, G D I hear you callin' me home, G D Got to get back to Jamaica, G D I want to roam no more, G D Carribean current please take me, G D I hear you callin' me home, G D Got to get back to Jamaica,
( Fill-in Run )------------------------------------------|-8--7-------------------------------------|-------9--7-------------------------------|-------------9--7------0h2h3--0--------0--|-------------------9-------------2--0-----|------------------------------------------|
2nd VERSE: D Gypsy, she say I got the fever, G D I don't know whether to believe her, D But when the wind blow from the sea, G A/G D My soul start to fly away, D She give me charm that will protect me, G D Necklace with stone from far across the sea, D But island magic much too strong, G A/G D It won't let me go this time. ( CHORUS ) ( Fill-in Run )
-3--2-----------------2-|-0--3-----------------3-|-0--2-----------------2-|-0--0--0h2h3p0--------0-| Repeat this sequence 8 times with the-2--------------2--0----| Bass doubling after the 4th time.-3----------------------|
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