Doors – Queen Of The Highway tab

Em Am G C Cm F F# Gm|-----| |-----| |--3--| |--3--| |--1--| |--1--| |--2--| |--1--||--2--| |-----| |--2--| |--3--| |--1--| |--3--| |--4--| |--3--||--2--| |--2--| |-----| |--2--| |--3--| |--3--| |--4--| |--3--||-----| |--2--| |-----| |-----| |--3--| |--2--| |--3--| |--1--||-----| |--1--| |-----| |--1--| |--2--| |--1--| |--2--| |--1--||-----| |-----| |--3--| |-----| |--1--| |--1--| |--2--| |--1--|
Em Am she was a princes G queen of the highway C Cm a sign on the road said G take us to madre F no one can save her F# save the blind tiger Gm he was a monster Cm black dressed in leather Gm she was a princes F B7 queen of the highway Em Am now they are wedded G she is a good girl C Cm naked as children Gm out in a meadow F naked as children F# wild as can be GM soon to have offsprings Cm Gm start it all over F B7 start it all over Em Am G american boy, american girl C Cm Gm most beautiful people in the world F F# son of frontier indian swirl Gm Cm dancing to the midnight whirlpool Gm F naked, warmless Gm Cm i hope it can continue just a little while longer Gm F F# a little while longer Gm Cm she was a friend yeah
|----------------------------||----------------------------||-------2-----2--------------||----------0-----0-----2-----||-------------------0--------||----------------------------| she was a prince-es
well that's pretty much about that song... enjoy it :D
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