Doors - Crystal Ship chords

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The Crystal Ship chords
The Doors

Capo I *

Em BmBefore you slip into unconsciousness,
Am EmI'd like to have another kiss
E Em B EAnother flashing chance at bliss,
D E D Eanother kiss, another kiss
Em BmThe days are bright, and filled with pain,
Am Emenclose me in your gentle rain
E Em B EThe time you ran was too insane,
D E D Ewe'll meet again, we'll meet again
Piano solo
Em BmOh, tell me where your freedom lies,
Am Emthe streets are fields that never die
E Em B EDeliver me from reasons why,
D E D Eyou'd rather cry, I'd rather fly
Em BmThe crystal ship is being filled
Am EmA thousand girls, a thousand thrills
E Em B EA million ways to spend your time
D E D EWhen we get back, I'll drop a line
* Alternate: Capo III Em = Dm Bm = Am Am = Gm E = D B = A D = C Set8
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