Doors – Spy tab

Alright most of the tabs for this song wer'nt very complete so here is an update. I 
know every part yet but I do know more than what's here.

Standard Tuning

e-----------12-------------|b--12----------------------|g-----12---------------12--| This is the main riffd--------14----(14)-14-----|a--------------------------|E--------------------------|
after about 4 or 5 times of playing that he throws in this
e-----------------------------------------------------------|b-----------------------------------------------------------|g---------9----11b13b11p9-----9-11-9------------11b13-11-9--| Then it goesd------11---11------------11-----------------11-------------| back to thea-----------------------------------------------------------| main riffE-----------------------------------------------------------|
Chorus is three chords. power chords or basic chords both work
G D Ee-------------------|b-------------------|g--------7---9------| There is also a little lick played by what I think isd---5----7---9------| the abss but it could be guitar.a---5----5---7------|E---3---------------|
I haven't figured out the outro/solo type thing End on
There you go. Great song, it's a shame theres few tabs for it. Tabbed by Joe
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