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Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 15:46:30 -0500
From: Pradeep Bansal 
Subject: Chordpro: "End of the Night" by "The Doors"

{c:Transcribed by Pradeep Bansal - didn't find it on OLGA, just giving
back some!}
{t:End of the Night}
{st: Doors}

[Em]Take the highway to the end of the night,
[D]end of [D#m]the night[Em], [D]end of [D#m] the night[Em]
[Em]Take a journey to the bright midnight,
[D]end of [D#m]the night[Em], [D]end of [D#m] the night[Em]

[Am]Realms of bliss, [Em]Realms of light,
[Am]Some are born to [Em]sweet delight
[Am]Some are born to [Em]sweet delight,
[F#7]Some are born to the [B7]endless night[Em]
[D]end of [D#m]the night[Em], [D]end of [D#m] the night[Em], (Twice)
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