Dope – Kimberlys Ghost tab

Kimberly’s Ghost by Dope
Guitarist: Tripp Eisen
Album: Felons And Revolutionaries
Dif.: 6
Tabbed by Twiggy5

 NOTE: Tune down to Drop D (D, A, D, G, B, E)

Pre-Chorus ("I don’t need this anymore....") D|---2-------------------------5-------------------| A|---2-------------------------5-------------------| D|---2-------------------------5-------------------| (let both chords ring)
Chorus ("What can I do...") D|-2-2-X--2-2-2-X--2-2-X--2-2-2-X-- A|-2-2-X--2-2-2-X--2-2-X--2-2-2-X-- D|-2-2-X--2-2-2-X--2-2-X--2-2-2-X--
Chorus (cont.) D|-5-5-X--5-5-5-X--5-5-X--5-5-5-X--| A|-5-5-X--5-5-5-X--5-5-X--5-5-5-X--| D|-5-5-X--5-5-5-X--5-5-X--5-5-5-X--| Note: For the 3 consecutive chorus do an down, up, up strokes
Bridge A|-------------------------| D|--2-2-2-5-2-2-2/7^--| ^ 1/2 step
Verse 2 ("I don’t know there’s nothing left...") D|--2-2--| A|--2-2--| D|--2-2--|
Song Structure: - Drums Bass + Drums Verse Pre-Chorus Chorus Drum Fill Rest Verse 2 Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge Rest A Second Pre-Chorus ("Some will live and some will die...") Chorus Bridge Verse 2 (w/o lyrics) Bridge Verse 2 (w/o lyrics) Alright here ya go... I have absolutly nothing to say about this one. If you have any comments, corrections or suggestions email me at
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