Dope - Spine For You tab

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Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2000 15:56:45 -0400
From: "-\[x\]static x\[x\]-" 
Subject: d/dope/

spine for you
felons and revolutionaries (1999)

standard tuning (Eadgbe)

tab key:
x:dead note/palm mute

RIFF Ae-------------------------------5-5-5---------b-------------------------------5-5-5---------g-------------5-4---------------6-6-6---------d--4xxxxxxx4--5-4---4xxxxxxxx4s-7-7-7---------a--4xxxxxxx4--3-2---4xxxxxxxx4s-7-7-7---------E--2xxxxxxx2--------2xxxxxxxx2s-5-5-5---------
BASS RIFFg-----------------------------d-----------------------------a---------0-0-0-0-3-3-3-2-2-2-E--2-2-2----------------------
RIFF Be----------------b----------------g----------------d--4xxxxxxxxxx---a--4xxxxxxxxxx---E--2xxxxxxxxxx---
RIFF Ce--------------------b--------------------g--------------------d--4--4--------------a--4--4--------------E--2--2------0-0-----
RIFF D (THE KEYBOARD IN 2ND VERSE)e----------------b--7~~-----------g----------------d----------------a----------------E----------------
that's it, just those few simple riffs. also here is the simple bass line after 2nd chorusg----------------d----------------a----------------E--2-2----0-0----
i'm not sure if riff d is a keyboard or a guitar w/ some effect. also on the intro, turn on your wah pedal the first two times to get the effect like edsel. here is the order if you're not sure. order: riff a x 4 bass riff x a lot (listen for exact timing and number of times) riff b x 8 riff c x 8 riff a x 2 bass riff x a lot riff d x 1 riff c x 8 riff a x 2 bass riff x a lot riff c x 8 riff a x 2 bass riff x 2 or 3 and for all you lazy people too lazy to find the case and the lyrics, thank me. i'm in a good mood. here they are. ok, that's it, those few simple riffs, and you got it. check back often, i'll have static x, lit, dope and maybe some KoRn tabs up. corrections, comments,requests, or you have other dope(or other band tabs) tabs, need a tuner, email -mark
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