Dough Asdown – Rowestreet chords

Rowe street - Dough Ashdown

Intro: Cadd9e|--0-------0--/B|3---3---3---3/G|------0------/ 8x D|------2------/A|3------------/E|-------------/
Cadd9 Cadd9 I remember the old songs
G/B Am How they used to make us cry
Eb Dm Even though we were happy
G7 Cadd9 You and I
Cadd9 Cadd9 And the friends down on Rowe street
G/B Am Who never said good - bye
Eb Dm G7 Only sometimes when they had to
Cadd9 C Like you and I
Dm Dm There were so many you and I's
Bb Bb Comin' down from highs
G7 G7 When we were younger
Am If I can close my eyes and dream
Am/G Of all the lovers come and gone
Dm Dm I know that I be sad
G7i G7/F Em Am To realise how many time I've managed to go wrong
Dm G7 G While the circle slowly turned around the song
Cadd9 Cadd9 We left with the music
G/B Am You with yours and me with mine
Eb Dm G7 I've looked for you sometimes
Cadd9 Not a sign
Dm Dm Of so many you and I's
Bb Bb Sharing outer skys
G7 We lasted
Outro: C // Cadd9 x32030 G/B x20033 Am x02210 Eb xx1343 Dm xx0231 G7 323001 C x32010 Bb x13331
Am/G 302210G7i 320001
G7/F 1x0001 Em 022000 G 32000x
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