Doves – There Goes The Fear tab

There Goes The Fear

Here's a rough guide to Doves fantastic new single

Tabbed by Matt McCarthy 

CAPO 3rd FRET-all tab relative to capo
Chords used:
D	(xx0232)
Em	(022000)
Em7	(020000)
G	(320033)
A	(x02220)
D/C#	(x4x232)
D/B	(x2x232)
D/A	(x0x232)
G/F#	(2x0033)
A/G	(3x2220)
A/F#	(2x2220)
A/E        (002220)
e---2---------2---------2---------------------|B------3---3----3---3---3---3---0-2-3---------|G--------2---------2-------2------------------| (listen to the recording to
get an idea of timing)D---------------------------------------------|A---------------------------------------------|E---------------------------------------------|
Intro: main riff x2 Verse 1: main riff x4 then?.
Eme---0----------------------------------------------------------------|B--0-----------------------------------------------------------------|G--0-----------------------------------------------------------------|D--2---4--2--0-------------------------------------------------------|A--2-------------2---------------------------------------------------|E--0-----------------5--3--2--0--2--3--2--0--2--3--------------------| Fear again??.
followed by the main riff x2
Verse 2 follows the same pattern (main riff x4) but then changesat the Em to something similar to this, its not right but it fits in welle---0--------------------------------------0------------------------------------|B--0---------0-------0--------0----------0---------0--------0-------0-----------|G--0--0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0-------------|D--2----2--------2-------2--------2-----0-----0--------0-------0--------0-------|A--2--------------------------------------2-------------------------------------|E--0---------------------------------------0------------------------------------|
The song then goes into the bridge: The notes of the chords below are picked but I haven't worked these patterns out yet, (apart from a pull off from an Asus4 on the A/G) the chords still sound good when strummed D D/C# D/B D/A Close your brown eyes and G G/F# Em Em7 lay down next to me Close your A A/G A/F# A/E eyes, lay down D (strum once) Cos there goes the fear?. A (strum bass notes as song builds up to chorus) Let it go Chorus: the chord progression is - Em G D A (the Em also sounds good as an Em7:022033) That's all I have so far, its not spot on but it's a start! Any comments or suggestions please mail me at Cheers.
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