Doves - Last Broadcast tab

Alright. This is my first tab. Obviously if you have any questions simply e-mail me, I 
be more than happy to e-mail back to any questions.

The thing about Doves is they have a keyboardist so a lot of their sound comes from 
So this is only two guitars. To re-create the studio sound, you would need a lot of other 
Other than that, here you go, and enjoy.

Intro Guitar Twoe|-----------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------|G|-----------------------5--7--------------------|D|-----------------------5--7--------------------|A|-0000-1-0-1-0----------3--5--------------------|E|----------------3--1---------------------------|(During this, guitar one keeps strumming out the 5, 7, 7 chord)
Guitar Two Introe|-1--------------1-------------------------------|B|----3--1--3--------3--1---5---------------------|G|-------------2----------------------------------|D|------------------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------|
Intro (Guitar one) - Dm Am Bb C Verse C Dm Bb F Chorus (Guitar One) Dm Am Bb C Guitar two for the chorus simply does the same plucking pattern as the intro. Welp, there you go. Any questions, e-mail. Later.
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