Down With Webster - Grind chords

Here are the chords for Grind by DWW. Such a sick band..

A# Everyday I wake up on the grind
F CBut it's hard with you babe up on my mind
A# FEveryday I wake up on the grind, and it's true
C I just wanna grind with you, I said
A#Now if the birds don't chirp and the sun don't shine
F CYou know one day I'm gonna make you mine
A#Tried to play it cool but it's a waste of time
F C A#All I gotta do is stay up on my grind, now
F C A#And if you hold my hand, said you won't need no other man
To buy you kicks, take you to flicks
F CI'm up in the mix, lickity split, just wiggle your hips
A#And call your links cause now we out so late
F CWake up in the morning and I can't think straight
A#Sometimes I gotta blink just to know that I'm awake
F CI guess I'm dreaming when I think of all the money we could make
A#And I woke up yesterday, in a state of disarray
F CTryin' to get me some papers cause yo I gotta get paid
A#Gotta get out on the town, Me and Solo put it down
F CNow I'm grindin' tryin' to find her, she's my diamond in the ground
A#Now she's movin' like a student but her marks fell behind
F C A#Hard to keep the peace of mind when your daddy's on the grind like me
FGotta get myself behind the mic see, or else I'll wind up on the grind
CAnd I hope she writes me
A#Baby when ya come around it ain't no good,
F CPeople talkin' all about them things that you do,
A#If you sick of all them tellin' you you ain't no good,
F CYou gotta get up, get up, get up, get up, get up,
A# And listen when I tell you man, you ain't no fool
F CLife ain't fair so whatcha gonna do?
A#Ain't nobody gonna give shit to you,
F CGotta stand up, stand up, stand up, stand up, stand up
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