Down With Webster – Big Wheels chords ver. 2

ok so this is my first tab, so if its wrong mi bad.

BTic, tac, toe, yup, let's go
AYou've got X's, I've got O's,
ESee my show? I'm so woah,
I'm not your everyday average joe.
BYo, all you need to stop it,
ALet's get drunk now, that's the topic.
EVodka or vodka, that's your option.
Take those shots like you're pro at boxing.
BYou got me thinkin' it's on now,
AHold the choke of dat bong down,
EStumblin' onto your lawn, now,
People say that I'm wrong, now.
BCalm down, it's only your grass,
ESo what I mooned you, It's only my ass.
ADon't even ask, what I'm thinking
I've been drinking, pour me a glass.
B EYou ride big wheels, and we got trucks
AYou see us rollin' up, yeah, we rollin' up.
B EWe showed up, now, and we go nuts
AYou see us blow it up, yeah, we blow it up.
B EIf you've got cups, and well you're old enough
AGo ahead and hold 'em up, let's see you hold 'em up
B EIf you don't like it, you shut up, 'cause you don't know what's up
AGo ahead and phone the cops. We'll say it's soda pop.
SO basically from there it is all the same.
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