Down - His Majesty The Desert tab

I haven't tabbed a song on here in a lonnnggggg time. This isn't perfect, but close
enough. I tabbed this song with my guitar tuned in standard. I'm sure they used a down
tuning, for most of their songs are tuned down one step and a half. Use a lot of 
reverb....anyways, Enjoy.

^ = Bend. (All bends are bent up one half step then back down.)
/ = Slide.
H = Hammer on.

Title: His Majesty The Desert
Artist: Down
Album: Down III: Over The Under.

Main riffE|--------------------------------------|----------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------|----------------------------------|G|-----9-11-----------------------------|----9-11--------------------------|D|---9------12-11^12^11--------9/11-9---|--9-----12-11^12^11------9H11-9--9|A|-9---------------------12-12--------12|9-------------------12-12------12-|E|--------------------------------------|----------------------------------|
Second riffE|------------------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------------------------------|D|----11/13-11----9-9H11-9------11/13-11-9-9H11----9-9H11-9---|A|-9------------12--------12-9-------------------12--------12-|E|------------------------------------------------------------|
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