Downhere - My Last Amen chords

Cm G CmFrom the corner of my eye
G FmThere's a tear I'm trying to cry
BbBut the feeling can't be found
Cm G CmLike a note thrills in a song
G FmWhen I play it again, it's gone
Bb G/B CmCuz it was never in the sound
Cm GAnd it keeps me wanting
Cm GThat mysterious thing
Eb Fm F#dim Gsus GmLike a night is waiting for a dawn
Ab EbEvery prayer I say (a little closer)
G CmTo my resting place (a little closer)
Ab EbWhere my final breath is the beginning
F#dimTo never needing
Eb/Bb Bb G/B Cm G Cm GAnd I will find my last Amen
Bridge Eb Fm Gm Bb Db Fm
Eb Db FmAnd while the thrills are fading
EbThe joy is in the waiting
Db FmSomewhere in the grand design
EbIt's good be unsatisfied
F# Db GIt keeps the faith and hope a little more alive
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