Dr Dog – The Rabbit The Bat And The Reindeer tab

The Rabbit, the Bat, and the Reindeer

Capo 1st fret
A                                     D(open)  E
Well, I don't want a thing to do with your     kind
    A                              D    C#m7 (x46454)
And I ain't got no time to kill on your dime
F#m                     Riff 1
Strung up, hanging 'round
Bm                            Riff 2
Looking like you're upside down 

Well, I ain't wanting to shed no blood, that's your crime
And I ain't wanting to sling no mud, I clean it up
You ain't what I'd call a friend Riff 1
I wouldn't even if I could pretend Riff 2

A        A/G#       A/F# A/E   D     E   A
Man, you ain't like any  body  e - l---se 
As night becomes the sun to rise 
As dirt becomes the butterflies 
   A                 A/G#            D        E
As sure as though it always seems to stay the same
And I'll be waiting anxiously
And I'll be falling fast asleep 
    A                A/G#           D     E
And I'll be dreaming of the day the dream died 
Uh huh 

No sticks, no stones could break my bones like you can
If I knew hate, I'd call it love for you, man
High up on the hill, cheaper than a dollar bill 
Man, you ain't like any body else 
          A                     D
Should we pretend that it's the end? 
           A                   D
Are you my curse or are you my friend?
              A                         D
And if we got hitched to the end of the road
            A                 D 
Will you be there to carry my load?

I'm getting it back with that terrible feeling 
My vision is cracked, but it looks like it's healing 
I'm getting it back like it's four in the morning 
When the sun only shines like you've been giving no warning 
I'm getting it back with the rest of the leap year
I'm keeping the rabbit, the bat, and the reindeer 
I'm getting it out, whatever I've gotta keep in 
I'm telling the truth, and it don't when we pretend 
Should we pretend?   A     D 
Should we pretend?   A     D
Should we pretend?   A     D

Riff 1 (palm mute)e|-------------|B|-------------|G|--13-11-9-8--|D|-------------|A|-------------|E|-------------|
Riff 2e|-------------|B|-------------|G|--12-10-8-7--|D|-------------|A|-------------|E|-------------|
Riff 3 (palm mute)e|----------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-----------------17-15----------------15-17-15-------------------17---| G|-----------17----------15----------15----------15----------17-15------|D|--17-15-------17----------17-15-------------------17-15---------------|A|--------17----------------------17----------------------18------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------------------| Etc.
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