Dr Dog – The Beach chords ver. 2

This is based off another chord tab, modified because the chord diagrams this site 
gives are weird.

Em is ok 022000
E is 022300
B7 should be x3230x
a7 x02020
d7 xx0212

capo 2nd fret

There's a hole in the roof, and the rain's comin' down 
B7The roads are all flooded, there's no way back to town
Em G A7And this ship we came in on, has just run aground
Em B7 EmYou know fate has a funny way of comin' around
The memories we've buried, have now taken seed When spring time comes they'll turn into weeds And they'll creep through your window to smother your dreams you know fate has a funny way of comin' around EM to E
Am GOh they'll carve our names like scripture
D7To the souls of their feet
G B7Every footprint that they take
Em Em*It will tell of our deed
Em G AmDrowning lies, oh they're following me
B7 Till the flow tide comes to swallow
Emthe beach
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