Dr Dog – Country Line chords

County Line
Dr. Dog
Written by Toby Leamen and Scott McMicken

Tabbed by Sam W.

FOn the hills of old Virginia
Em7 AI've crossed a weary mile
Dm CAnd on bended knee
Bb FI will sing to thee
Gm7 C7As I tie my shoe
FOne moonlit night in the canyon
Em7 AI talked about my dreams
Dm C Only bugs heard the call
Bb FThey don't hear me at all
Gm7 C7And now I talk in my sleep
When winter comes I'll be way up ahead 'Cause right now it seems so cold I need her in my arms baby set my alarm 'Cause otherwise I'd sleep til sleeping was dead And when I get home to my baby She gonna wear my grandma's ring And hand in hand we will tell the man I do, I do , I definitely do But I won't get drunk without her And I won't do her no harm 'Cause she's the sweetest blackberry wine From here to there, from here to there From here to there F // F // Em7 // A // Dm // C // Bb x2
C7 Gm7County line x9
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