Dr Dog - County Line tab

County Line by Dr Dog

This is a beautiful tune and one of my favorite songs, and I don't think the tabs 
out there do it justice... This is how I play it, I think it's fairly accurate.

The song is standard tuning 3 steps down. Scott plays the main G chord of the
verse with a C shape (with his pinkie finger on the 3rd fret of the high e 
string) so he can do the riffing with his 2nd finger without interrupting the
chord. I know this from watching videos. You should strum and finger pick this 
however you like, I'm just going to give you the chords.

"on the hills of both virginias..."

     G         C(ish)    G      Riffing

e|---3---------x---------3--------------------|B|---0---------1---------0--------------------|G|---0---------0---------0----------0/2-2-0---|D|---0---------/2--------0------/2-2----------|A|---2---------3---------2--------------------|E|---3---------x---------3--------------------| ^use with reservation, it doesn't seem to happen every verse
"...I crossed a weary mile..." G C(ish) B11/F#
e|---3---------x---------0--------------------|B|---0---------0---------0--------------------|G|---0---------0---------2--------------------|D|---0---------/2--------1--------------------|A|---2---------3---------x--------------------|E|---3---------x---------2--------------------| ^straight up made up the name of this chord. this is the most important one to make the song sound right in my opinion
"...and on bended knee, I will sing to thee..." Em ?? C G
e|---0---------0---------0---------3----------|B|---0---------0---------1---------0----------|G|---0---------0---------0---------0----------|D|---2---------0---------2---------0----------|A|---2-------------------3---------2----------|E|---0--------------------------------3-------| ^(don't know what to call this chord)
"...as I tie my shoes..." Am (intro style) D7
Just play that over and over again. Use your own judgment on finger picking and stuff. Enjoy!
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