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Dr Dog – Love chords

Dr. Dog - Love - Livestream Sessions Version


Am DThere goes my baby, There goes my bride
Am Feels like the first time, time and time again
Am DShe was the one, She was the only,
AmShe was a mystery, Imagine my surprise
F GI went to london, Down to the dungeon
C AmI been to hell if I been any other way
F GIf I'm not mistaken, I wasn't taken
C Am FI found my own damn way down there for love
FmBut can it last
CAll my life
G G7As it passes
C EmLove can it last
Am F Gall my life as it passes
VERSE 2 I met her in a costume, undernieth a full moon Love from the stormiest skies The whole mascarade stop, yet another shoe drop Just another kind of disguise I'm holding on Don't ask me why i am afraid the only answer is a lie i tell myself the strangest stories I ain't a crow, I found a crooked way to fly. Oh Love Can It last all my life as it passes CHORUS
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