Dr Dog - Aint It Strange tab

-Ain't It Strange-

-Dr. Dog-

Ain't it strange, how everybody says I love you
           F#m                                                E
Ain't it a shame, how a word can tell you more than words can say
I need you here
Aint it strange, cause im always thinkin of ya
        F#m                                                 E 
Aint it shame, how a thought can catch the breeze and blow away
And leave you here

       E C#m       F#m        B
Oh but I know, how bad it can get
    E      C#m         F#m    B
And I dont mind, baby, I dont mind
    E C#m       F#m           B
But I know, how soon we'll forget
E          C#m           F#m        B       E   
Time keeps wearin, baby, time takes care of me

Aint it strange, how a man who lives for nothing can change
Cause if he stays the same hell die a million days
Year by year
Theres a train, at the bottom of the ocean
And when it rains, we'll get close to where the water meets the sky
For you and I

Oh but I dont know, how far this can go
But I dont mind, baby, I dont mind
Theres no use in sayin what you've been sprayin  
Even strangers know how strange it can be

      A                A/G#  
We're only getting old    
      F#m                         E
Cause that's what we were told to do
         A                        A/G#
But they say were getting through
    F#m                       E
But whats that got to do with us
        E                       C#m
So come on and work it out


E--------4h5--5/7---9\------9--9-9-7--|-10--10-10-9-7-----8-8-8-8-7-7-7-7--|B--5---5----------------4-------------|---------------10-------------------|G-------------------------------------|------------------------------------| x2D-------------------------------------|------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------|------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------|------------------------------------|
E-------------------------------------|------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------|------------------------------------|G--------1h2--2/4---6\------6--6-6-4--|-7--7-7--6-4-2----5-5-5-5--4-4-4-4--|D--2---2----------------1-------------|------------------------------------| x2A-------------------------------------|------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------|------------------------------------|
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