Dr Dog – Ive Just Got To Tell You tab

-I've Just Got To Tell You-
-Dr. Dog-

Chords - A C#m F#m A7 D E7     
          A                           C#m
I'm gonna love you, till the day I was born
              A                                 C#m
And I'm gonna call you, so keep your ear to the horn
What the news, are ya sad
I ain't the groom or the dad
    F#m            D        E         A   
But Im the boy who loves to love you
             A                           C#m
And im gonna miss you till the day i come home
            A                      C#m
Im always a-roamin, even when Im in Rome
Whats the use if its sad
Im only following Dad
F#m             D   E       A         
On the road and dreaming of you

Oh the reason Im living, you made me all that I love Every bit as forgiving, as the lord up above There was a secret you heard You told me every word Now I just gotta tell you A7 D A Whats the word for darkness in the light E Whats it called when sun shines every night D A A7 I dont know how, but I just got to tell you D A Whats the word that means more than a word E Thats better than the best thing ever heard D A A7 i dont know how, but I just got to tell you E A
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