Dr Dre - Aint Nothin But A G Thang tab

Band: Dr. Dre
Song: Ain't Nothing but a G Thang
Album: The Chronic

gnuti seauton
tab by RAMOHSE

/ a slide
~ tremolo
h hammer on
p pull off
' bend

Bass part (played throughout)

g ---------------------------------------------------|d --------------2-3-4----2-3-4-----------------------|a -2-0-1-2----4--------4--------2-0-1-2--------------|E ---------------------------------------------------|
Intro guitar part (with a bit of flange)
e -7~-------5~----------5~---2~----------------------|b -7~-------5~----------5~---2~----------------------|g ---------------------------------------------------|d ---------------------------------------------------|a ---------------------------------------------------|E ---------------------------------------------------|
Main Squealy Guitar Part
e --19/17/19/21/19/17~---15-14~-12-14~~--------------|b ---------------------------------------------------|g ---------------------------------------------------|d ---------------------------------------------------|a ---------------------------------------------------|E ---------------------------------------------------|
Those are the main parts, listen to it to get where they go
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