Dr Hook - What A Way To Go tab

What a Way to Go                                      Dr. Hook late 70ís 
I met him in Seattle,
He was getting down on a bottle,
E         B7                  E
Telliní lies in the Blue Moon Bar
His face was hard and traveled
And as the lines unraveled 
E                    B7               E
I saw a man who could laugh about his scars

He said, I got shanghaied in Vegas by a painted lady
Hog tied by a hustler in Ohio
E                            A
Derailed by a dancer down in Dallas Oh Lord, he said
Women gonna be the death of me 
     B7          E
But what a way to go

(Repeat Chords on next verse)

He said a girl named Nancy 
Once tickled his fancy
And backed it up with a fifty dollar smile
He laughed when he remembered
The pain of sweet surrender
But heartache never seemed to cramp his style

Chorus 2:
He said I got tongue tied by a teacher in Tallahassee
I got French fried by a waitress in Idaho
I got waylaid by a widow in Wyoming oh lord he said 
Women gonna be the death of me 
But what a way to go

Chorus 1
Chorus 2
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