Dragonette - Fixin To Thrill tab

This is just the main chorus...there are two versions, riff B is played every 2nd 
time (and then twice during the outro in A-B-A-B pattern)
Tuning is drop D (D A D G B E)

A.)And get on the floor...|...uh huh I'm fixin' to thrillE |--------------------|----------------|B |--------------------|----------------|G |--------------------|----------------|D |-0==--3-2-----------|----------------|A |----------3---------|-----3-0--------|D |------------5======-|-5-5-----3-0====|
B.)we know you're one one of us...|...Look I, I'm fixin' to thrillE |-------------------|----------------|B |-------------------|----------------|G |-------------------|----------------|D |-0==--3-2----------|----------------|A |----------3--------|----h3-0--------|D |------------5=====b|-5b------3-0====|
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