Dragonforce - Through The Fire And Flames tab version 2

Tabbed by: WillTalbot

Artist: Dragonforce
Song: Through the Fire and the Flames
Album: Inhuman Rampage

Time: 4/4
BPM: 200
Key: G# major

This is the keyboard part of the intro played on the guitar.
You can also capo the 3rd fret and play the 0s on the "G" string
 as 5s on the "D" string and play 3s as open since it's in G# major.
I find this version easier than the others where you have to
play 5s on the D string every 1/8th note when you can just play open G instead.

If this looks too confusing to you just imagine the 0s aren't there and think to play open G string after every note. You can find the rest of the song on this site. No point in repeating what's already been done.
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