Drake Bell – Sea Song chords

DShe's on her own
Awondering if he'll misbehave
A7why he's out at sea
Dlost in the ocean waves
Dshe doesn't know
if his boat
Awill ever show
A7that's why i'm
Dgonna say to you
Bmmy dear
Embefore my lips turn blue
Ai'll say to you
Embefore you go
Adon't you know
Dthat is me
D7and its you
i know what they told me
Bmi know what they're coming to do
Aso don't pretend
Dthat you know
D7'cause you don't
I know what they wanted
Bmand somewhere wanted to go
A DI said no, I said no
"Above is repeated"
Dall about the air
Aall about the water
Dall about the sky
A Dall about the water
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