Drake Bell – Break Me Down chords

Break Me Down by Drake Bell
Album: It's Only Time

Chords by alex_72886


F Bb Bbm F/A Cm7 Dm F/C Gm G7 Ebe/---1-----1-----1-----1-----3-----1-----1-----3-----1-----6-----|B/---1-----3-----2-----1-----4-----3-----1-----3-----0-----8-----|G/---2-----3-----3-----2-----3-----2-----2-----3-----0-----8-----|D/---3-----3-----3-----3-----5-----0-----3-----5-----0-----8-----|A/---3-----1-----1-----0-----3-----x-----3-----5-----2-----6-----|E/---1-----x-----x-----x-----x-----x-----x-----3-----3-----x-----|
Verse I:
F BbBreak me down enough I'll take your side
BbmAnd all your attitude
F BbI would like for you to just decide
BbmOn what you're gonna do
Insert: F/A Bb Cm7 (x2) F/A Bb Cm7 Bb Verse II:
F F/A BbMaybe I'll decide I've had enough
BbmOf what you put me through
F F/A BbThen perhaps you could return my stuff
BbmAnd all my records too
F/A Bb Cm7 "My 78s and my 45s"
F/A Bb Cm7 "give 'em back!"
F/A Bb Cm7 Bb Interlude: F Bb Bbm (x2) Bridge: Dm F/C Gm F/A Bb Chorus:
Cm7 F/A Bb Cm7 I can't believe I've fallen for you
F/A Bb Cm7A rusted silhouette embracing burning filament
F/A Bb Cm7I can't believe I've fallen for you
BbA verbal avalanche is serving up your innocence
F G7So bye, baby bye
F G7Don't try, baby try
FYou can do what you want, stay for a while
Eb BbKnow at the end of the day
F/A Gm FI still make you smile
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