Drake Bell - Down We Fall Acoustic tab

ok, i know this is 100% correct. all the other tabs for this song thus far have been
so ignore those. people please don't tab a song unless you know it's right and you know
you're talking about/doing. my sister is a music major at ISU and she sat at the piano 
about an hour helping me figure out the EXACT chords to this song. I tinkered with it and
the clip of Drake playing it on you tube forever before coming up with this tested and 
tab of the song. Prepare to hurt your fingers playing this one ;)

by the way, make sure your guitar is tuned 1/2 step down before you play this...and
have to listen to the song to figure out the strumming patterns and what not

verse (repeat once):

Cm, Gmaj:

Ebmaj, Bb7
transistion: Fm, ?, Cm, Bmaj, Eb/Bb?
chorus (repeat twice): Ebmaj, Eb7/Gmaj, Abmaj
2nd transition: ?
mini riff (repeat once):
?, ?, ?, ?, Ebmaj, Bb7(only on 2nd time through)e|---4--4--4--4-----2---------|B|---4--5--4--5---------------|G|---5--6--5--6--1--2---------|D|---7--7--7--7--2--1---------|A|---4--4--4--4--2--2---------|E|---4--4--4--4---------------|
End Riff (repeat once):
Ebmaj(maj7), ?, Ebmaje|----------------------------|B|----------------------------|G|---------1------------------|D|---2--4--2------------------|A|---3--5--2------------------|E|---3--5---------------------|
practice hard and enjoy! :)
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