Dream Theater - Regression tab

Dream Theater
Tab By Rick Wouters

D D/F# G D/C# D/B D/A E/G# Asus4 AE--2---2---3--2----2---2---0-----0---0------|B--3---3---3--3----3---3---0-----3---2------|G--2---2---0--2----2---2---1-----2---2------|D--0---X---0--X----X---0---2-----2---2------|A--X---X---2--4----2---0---2-----0---0------|E--X---2---3--X----X---X---4-----X---X------|
D D/F# Safe in the light that surrounds me G D D/C# Free of the fear and the pain D/B My subcounius mind D/A Starts spinning trough time E/G# Asus4 A To rejoin the past once again D Nothing seems real D/F# I'm starting to feel G D D/C# Lost in the haze of a dream D/B And as I draw near D/A The scene becomes clear E/G# Asus4 A Like watching my life on a screen G A Asus4 Hello Victoria so glad to see you D My friend If you have any questions mail me at guitarboy2001@hotmail.com Greetz Rick
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