Dream Theater – Octavarium chords

Dream Theater- Octavarium
arranged for piano
Transcribed by Niallakokovich Templinski (nilostthegame@hotmail.co.uk)

1. Someone Like Him

Flute solo:  | = bar line

Fm | Fm | Fm | Fm | Cm | Bbm | Fm | Eb/G | Ab | C/E | Fm  Fm/Eb |
Dm7b5 | Fdim | C/E | C/E


Fm | Dbm | Fm | Dbm |

Fm Dbm Fm Abm Eb I never wanted to become someone like him, so secure
Ab Cm D/F#content to live each day just like the last
Bm7b5 I was sure I knew that
A/E C#m D9This was not for me
A/E C#m CAnd I wanted so much more
Em9 Bb DmFar beyond what I could see
Db(#11)So I swore that I'd
Bb Dm F#m F#mNever be someone like him
Fm Dbm So many years have passed
Fm AbmSince I proclaimed
Eb/BbMy independance
Fm/AbMy mission
Eb/BbMy aim
AbmAnd my vision
Eb/GSo secure
Abm Eb/G D/F#Content to live each day like it's my last
Bm7 A/EIt's wonderful to know
C#m/G D9That I could be
A/E C#m/E CSomething more than what I dreamed
Em Bb/F Dm/FFar beyond what I could see
C# BbStill I swear that I'm
C#Missing out this time
E/B A/BAs far as I could tell
E/B BThere's nothing more I need
E/B A/BBut still I ask myself
Em/B BCould this be everything
BThen all I swore
Bb/F D/AThat I would never be was now
F#m/C#So suddenly
Am/EThe only thing
EmI wanted
DTo become
F ATo be someone just like him
the timing might not be perfect but the chords are definately correct to see my version of it go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFUyZoMexm0
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