Dream Theater - The Best Of Times tab version 3

hey guys this is the tabs for the fast intro that fades in after the piano and acoustic 
part. it took me a while to figure out and i had to slow it down using the MP-GT1 by 
so im pretty sure this is correct.



(2:46)e:----7-5-----------5-7-5---5-----------5-----------------------|B:--------9-7-5-7-9-------9---9-7-5-7-9-------------------------|G:----------------------------------------------9-------99-9----|D:----repeat as 2nd guitar plays these chords:--9-------99-9----|A:----------------------------------------------7-------77-7----|E:---------------------------------------------------------0----|
(2:54) Fast riff then changes toe:----7-5-----------5-7-5---5-----------5-7-9-/12-11-9----------|B:--------9-7-5-7-9-------9---9-7-5-7-9----------------12-10-9--|G:--------------------------------------------------------------|D:----------------------^play it REALLY fast^-------------------|A:--------------------------------------------------------------|E:--------------------------------------------------------------|
(2:57) and again toe:----7-5-----------5-7-5---5----------------9-10-12-/14-12-10-------------|B:--------9-7-5-7-9-------9---9-7-5-/9-10-12-------------------14-12-10----|G:-------------------------------------------------------------------------|D:------------------------------------------^AARRGGGGHHH!!!!^--------------|A:----------------------------------------(yes, Petrucci has played--------|E:----------------------------------------this song full speed LIVE)-------|
Well, there it is. i hope this helped although its really complicated (what else is new, Dream Theater?) be warned: playing it up to speed is WICKED hard, so dont expect to get it on your first try. I may edit this after the week of July 26, 2010 because im going to a guitar camp in new CT where i will have the opertunity to meet John Petrucci himself and i'll ask him this song just for u guys!!!! until then, GOOD LUCK
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