Dream Theater - Through Her Eyes tab version 2

Artist: Dream Theater
Title: Through Her Eyes
Album: Scenes From a Memory
TAB Author: Matteo Allegra (matteo.allegra@gmail.com)

3h5 = Hammer-on
5p3 = Pull-off
3/5 = Bending to
5\3 = Return bending
s5 = Slide to
5~ = Vibrato
[12]= Armoniche
x = Stopped string

Guitar durning vocal solo: (0:12) (0:24) (0:28) (0:36)e ---------|-------------|--------------------------|-------------------------|B ------10-|-------------|-15/17\15--15-15-14-14\12-|-15\14-12-10-12----------|G -9/11----|-11\9-7-9/11-|--------------------------|----------------11-9s7-7-|D ---------|-------------|--------------------------|-------------------------|A ---------|-------------|--------------------------|-------------------------|E ---------|-------------|--------------------------|-------------------------|
(0:51)e -17/19\17-15-----------------------|B -------------19-15-17---19-15-17---|G -----------------------------------|D -----------------------------------|A -----------------------------------|E -----------------------------------|
Intro after vocal solo:(1:05) e --------3--2-----|-----3--2-----|--------3--2-----|-----3--2-----|B --------------3--|-----------3--|--------------3--|-----------3--| G -----0-----------|--0-----------|-----0-----------|--0-----------| D -----------------|--------------|-----------------|--------------|A -----------------|--------------|--2--------------|--------------|E --3--------------|--------------|-----------------|--------------|
e --------3--2-----|-----3--2-----|--------3--2-----|-----3--2-----|B --------------3--|-----------3--|--------------3--|-----------3--| G -----0-----------|--0-----------|-----0-----------|--0-----------| D -----------------|--------------|-----------------|--------------| A -----------------|--------------|--3--------------|--------------| E --0--------------|--------------|-----------------|--------------|
G D Em9 C9 Em Ame --3--|--2--|--2--|--0--|--0--|--0--| B --3--|--3--|--3--|--3--|--0--|--1--| G --0--|--2--|--0--|--0--|--0--|--2--| D --0--|--0--|--0--|--2--|--2--|--2--| A --2--|-----|--2--|--3--|--2--|--0--| E --3--|-----|--0--|-----|--0--|-----|
G She never really had a chance D On that fateful moonlit night Em9 Sacrificed without a fight C9 A victim of her circumstance G Now that I've become aware D And I've exposed this tragedy Em9 A sadness grows inside of me C9 It all seems so unfair Em D I'm learning all about my life G By looking through her eyes
Solo #1: (2:21)e ------------------------------------------------------------------|B ----s12--12/13\12--8--8--10--10/12--------------------------------|G --7--------------------------------9---12-11----------------------|D ---------------------------------------------9--10~---9--10--9~---|A ------------------------------------------------------------------|E ------------------------------------------------------------------|
G D Em9 C9 G Just beyond the churchyard gates D Where the grass is overgrown Em9 I saw the writing on her stone C9 I felt like I would suffocate G In loving memory of our child D So innocent, eyes open wide Em9 I felt so empty as I cried C9 Like part of me had died Em D I'm learning all about my life Am By looking through her eyes And as her image C Wandered through my head G I wept just like a baby D As I lay awake in bed Am And I know what it's like C To lose someone you love Em D And this felt just the same G She wasn't given any choice D Desperation stole her voice Em9 I've been given so much more in life C9 I've got a son, I've got a wife G I had to suffer one last time D To grieve for her and say goodbye Em9 Relive the anguish of my past C9 To find out who I was at last Em D The door has opened wide C I'm turning with the tide Am G D Em9 C9 Looking through her eyes
Solo #2: (4:39)e ----------------------------------------------------------------|B ---s12--12\10\8----8--10/12-------------------------------------|G -7---------------------------9---12-11--------------------------|D ----------------------------------------9--10~----9--10---------|A ----------------------------------------------------------------|E ----------------------------------------------------------------|
e ----------------------------s10-8-7-------------------------------------------|B ---s12--12/13\12--10----------------10/12\10-8~--8-s10-12---------------------|G -7-----------------------7--------------------------------11/12-9-------------|D -------------------------------------------------------------------s9--7-5----|A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E ------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
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