Dream Theater – Disappear chords


INTRO A - THEME (5/8):
|: Dm Bbm :| 4x

INTRO B (5/8):
| Dm G/B Am Am/G | Dm G/B Am C |

VERSE 1 (5/8):
Dm G/B Am Am/GWhy, tell me the reasons why
Dm G/B Am C Try, still I don't understand
Dm G/B Am Am/GWill I ever feel this again
Dm G/B Am CBlue sky, I'll meet you in the end
Dm G/B Am Am/GFree them, free the memories of you
Dm G/B Am CFree me, and rest 'til I'm with you
BRIDGE (6/8):
F EA day like today
Am Am/GMy whole world has been changed
F BbNothing you say
E F A7Will help ease my pain
THEME (5/8): |: Dm Bbm :| 2x VERSE 2 (5/8):
Dm G/B Am Am/GTurn, I'll turn this slowly round
Dm G/B Am CBurn, burn to feel alive again
Dm G/B Am Am/GShe, she'd want me to move on
Dm G/B Am CSee me, this place I still belong
Dm G/B Am Am/GGive chase, to find more than I have found
Dm G/B Am CAnd face, this time now on my own
BRIDGE (6/8):
F EDays disappear
Am Am/GAnd my world keeps changing
F BbI feel you here
E F B F7And it keeps me sane
CHORUS (6/8):
Bbm F#So I'm moving on
C#I'll never forget
G#/C As you lay there and watched me
Bbm F#Accepting the end
C#I knew you were scared
G#/CYou were strong I was trying
Bbm F#I gave you my hand
C# G#/CI said it's okay letting go time to leave here
Bbm F#And I'll carry on
C# AThe best that I can without you here beside me
C#/G# F# FLet him come take you home
OUTRO - THEME (5/8): |: Dm Bbm :| 8x | Dm ... | Have fun playing it! :) Tabbed by LB in April 2011.
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