Dream Theater – Far From Heaven chords

C Em Am Bb

Am C FNo one truly has the answers
Am C DmEvery day I struggle through in once more
Am CKeep things bottled up
FNever speaking my mind
Am CMisinterpreted
DmI'm doing just fine
F G C EmEvery day I put a brave face on
FServes me well
GFeeling helpless
Am CFacing it alone
F G C C/B AmHard to tell that I can't change who I am
Em FHow I feel
BbThere's no end
Am C FI have done what you have asked me
Am C DmLeaves me nothing to live for
F GComing undone
C EmWay too high a price
FI should pay
GYou keep your pride
Am CWhile I die inside
FEvery day
C C/B AmCan't lie anymore
Em DmWon't pretend
BbI've done all I can
Gm Am Bb You can't imagine
Gm Am Bb The hell I'm going through
Dm C F Am/F Bb Not asking you save me
Gm D#I'm too far from heaven
Dm C Bb Dm C Bb
Am C FNothing you can do to change me
Am C DmBut accept me as I am
C [332010] C/B [x20010] Am/F [x02211]
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